Addiction Interruption treatments

Addiction Interruption Treatments

Detox Treatments & Interruption – Ibogaine is a highly efficacious addiction interrupter. It is known for its unique ability to reset brain chemistry to the pre-addiction state.  Ibogaine also produces a psychospiritual effect which often gives the patient insight into many aspects of their life such as  trauma and life choices that have contributed to addiction, hidden emotional dependencies and blockages, spiritual teachings, as well as emotional cleansing.

Ibogaine is not a cure for drug addiction, it is a beautiful tool to interrupt addictive patterns, eliminate drug withdrawal symptoms, and provide an opportunity to start with a clean physical and psychological slate.    

Opioids & Heroin – This is a specialty area for Ibogaine due to its wonderous ability to eliminate the notoriously horrendous withdrawals that accompany an opioid detoxification.  Most patients feel little or no withdrawal symptoms after their Ibogaine flood dose.  Ibogaine is a clear and effective choice for Opioid and Heroin detoxification.

**NOTE** – The current North American supply of opioid derivatives and heroin is completely tainted with Fentanyl, which is a synthetic opioid that is orders of magnitude more powerful than morphine or heroin.  To maximize ibogaine effectiveness, it is recommended to be off Fentanyl 10-14 days before treatment.  You can purchase inexpensive test trips to check your own urine for Fentanyl.  It is recommend to do so as dealers and producers are continually cutting drugs with Fentanyl.  This is a massive danger area for users as tiny amounts of Fentanyl can prove deadly.

Cocaine / Crack Cocaine / Methamphetamine / Adderall – These addictions are all treatable with Ibogaine.  Typically, it takes 2-7 days for these drugs to leave the system and their presence in the system can have hazardous effects when coupled with Ibogaine. 

Alcohol – Ibogaine works to treat alcohol addiction, however the patient is required to be free of alcohol withdrawal before they can undergo Ibogaine treatment.  Liver enzyme function must be measured before treatment can be initiated.  Mixing Ibogaine with alcohol withdrawal is extremely dangerous.

Suboxone & Methadone – Like Fentanyl, these synthetics can really complicate the Ibogaine treatment experience.  These drugs stack in the system making it difficult for the Ibogaine to clear out the receptors which often results in the patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms post Ibogaine.  We recommend switching to short acting opioids such as Morphine or Oxycontin for 60-90 days before your Ibogaine experience.  Thirty days may be sufficient for a newer and low dose user of Suboxone / Methadone.