Our Aftercare offering is very similar to our treatment.  Aftercare starts at $1000 per week and includes:

  • One-90 minute massage and one yoga class per week*
  • One hour of trauma coaching each week*
  • Nutritional meals and juices
  • Your own private room and bath just steps from a beautiful and quiet beach
  • High Speed Internet
  • Books & Board Games
  • Television with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
  • Kayaks and Boogie boards

          *additional therapy sessions, massages and yoga classes available for an extra charge 

Importance of Aftercare:

Success rates with Ibogaine treatment increase dramatically with the patient’s ability to remain apart from the environment and social structure that led to and fostered addictive behavior.  Many Ibogaine rehabilitations have a success rates of around 30%, however, that number can rise to close to 70% with the addition of three weeks of aftercare.  The longer you are away from your old stomping grounds, the higher your change of success.  It is an almost perfect correlation. 

Our Aftercare is much more affordable than traditional rehabilitation facilities and it should be carefully considered if you have the means to leave your work/school situation for more than the standard week of Ibogaine treatment.  The post Ibogaine treatment phase is an opportunity to start new mental and physical habits.  These new habits are keys to your long-term success.  Whilst in our aftercare, you will continue to eat healthy whole foods and fresh juices.  It is an opportunity to ground your feet to the water and sand at the Sea of Cortez.  The fresh ionic breeze off the ocean, the sun, the sand, and the stars will aid in your healing.  This is your chance to partake in long walks and meditations. 

Perhaps of highest importance are the new neural pathways that will be created as your new habits are nurtured and your old modalities are surrendered. These pathways are like little dirt roads in your brain that are used by your thought processes.  The roads that get used most frequently become deeper and solidify.  Eventually, your mind will take you down the roads that are clearest and easiest to use.  Ibogaine will give you a jump start on rewiring your neural pathways to new thoughts and behaviors, but after your treatment, you must cultivate what Ibogaine has started by engaging in the spiritual practice of taking good care of your body and mind.