Ibogaine Treatment Costs

The Arizona Iboga protocol has a base price of $3600. Price for a 5 night treatment is $3900.  A six night treatment is $4200.

Arizona Iboga uses the same premium plant medicine as Rocky Point Recovery, Ibogaine purified total alkaloid.  Our medicine is 91% Ibogaine with the other 9% being ibogaline and ibogamine and several other trace alkaloids.  This medicine is designed to bring the power of Ibogaine with the psychospiritual journey the comes with a mix of the natural plant alkaloids. 

A medical doctor is present for the administration of your ibogaine and an Emergency Medical Technician will be on site for 24-30 hours around your treatment.  Also included with your treatment is one 90-minute massage, healthy prepared meals and a booster dose depending on individual needs. 

Please be advised that the premium accommodation that Rocky Point Recovery provides may not be available.  Our treatment facility has a maximum capacity of three patients.  As such, your experience will have a good degree of privacy mixed with a personal connection to your ibogaine providers.

Treatments sessions are offered beginning the second and fourth Monday of each month with some variation throughout the year.  Transportation is provided from Tucson upon request.  If you are self-transporting, you must arrive in Puerto Penasco by 1pm on your scheduled Monday in order to have time to get the required blood work.  You must be fasting.  If you are delayed, your treatment will be pushed back one day which may result in some physical discomfort related to withdrawals.  Logistics will be discussed during your intake communications. Saturday you will return to your normal life unless you have scheduled aftercare.