Safety is ultimately our top priority.  Ibogaine treatment is not without risk and requires medical supervision and qualification.

Prior to treatment, prospective patients will be required to submit medical tests and blood work to our doctor.  Our patients will also be required to spend an hour with a licensed therapist discussing their goals, concerns and determining suitability for the treatment.  Upon arrival at our facility, we will require another panel of pre-treatment blood work and medical tests to verify that they meet the requirements for treatment.  These tests and precautions are all done for your personal safety.  With adequate medical supervision and careful screening of higher risk treatment situations, much of the risk of Ibogaine treatment can be mitigated.

Our treatment is administered by a medical doctor and we have an EMT on staff during the first 24-30 hours of your treatment.  Patient vital signs are checked regularly and patients are monitored with an EKG machine during treatment.  We have a AED (automated external defibrillator) in the event of a cardiac emergency and we are located within a 15 minute drive of emergency medical facilities.

Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance has a great summary on Ibogaine safety.