Success Rates

Success Rates

There is not a set definition for success in the addiction/detox/recovery world.  Some institutions measure success by a client finishing their program, others measure in weeks, months or years.  It is safe to say that the long-term “success” rate for former heroin addicts maintaining sobriety is extremely low.

Estimates for traditional treatments are often in single digit percentages.

Traditional treatments for opiate addiction include detoxes, inpatient and outpatient rehabs, 12 step programs etc.  Used on their own they may provide an interval of recovery, but most individuals will go back to using.

Statistics for Ibogaine recovery vary  – however, there are studies that show when used in a medically supervised setting AND combined with an aftercare plan that:

Up to 70% of addicts are able to stay clean when they detox with ibogaine and commit to adjusting their lifestyle and peer networks.

These numbers exceed every other type of treatment program available.  It is very important to note that Ibogaine alone has a very high initial success rate for stopping heroin addiction – HOWEVER, as the effects of the treatment wear off (a few weeks to a couple of months after the treatment) there is the risk of relapse if the patient has not addressed the underlying causes for the original addiction and made any necessary life changes.  Several studies have shown that with at least one month of good aftercare (sober living, therapy etc.) the success rate for Ibogaine treatment can double or triple.