Recent Testimonial from patient BR:

About the journey:

“…as the journey itself, it basically for me, it answered all the questions I had, like anything I sought it provided an answer or resolution for, the things I was struggling with.  And, so, it felt like a gift for sure, a gift from what I describe as mother nature… Anything to be fixed will be a lifelong journey.  For me it will be about rediscovering life and basically, I don’t know how to describe it but it’s coming at the world with new eyes.

How do you feel about RPR and the care you received?

I just want to thank you both, I didn’t quite have expectations and all that I can say is that it was perfect for me.  It was almost destiny.  For example, sometimes instructions can be given and forgotten and there can be some confusion and unease in the treatment process, miscommunication could happen.  It seemed that the right words were said at the right times and it really couldn’t have been planned.  So I really just want to say that this wasn’t a scripted plotted steps to follow, it was more like a, it really all amounted to the heart and caring that you both put into it yourselves.  This is a very individual driven treatment and It requires a person connection and I hope that you can continue to do this by being personally involved with every person you bring in.  You are so used to being just a part of the process, this was so much different than that, I don’t know how to describe.  Like being a healer, you have to know the patient and it seemed like you connected with the patient and that made it work.

Would you recommend Rocky Point Recovery and Arizona Ibogaine?

Yes, I’d love to recommend every single drug addict I could possibly think of.  It’s kind of like I described the journey, everything I sought I was given.  And that’s kind of the key, it’s kind of like, they have to be wanting to seek the answer.  I’d want them to really research the drug first and then if they do want treatment, I’d want them to have you. 

Here are some quotes from a recent testimonial from a patient that has been struggling with alcohol addiction for 14 years.  This testimonial highlights the true advantage of plant medicine vs. traditional methods of detoxification and rehabilitation.

“I would recommend ibogaine for those who, like myself, can’t stand to live the way they are living for a day longer and know that it is time for a change in their life and have accepted and embraced that change.

It is important that you pick someone and a facility where you feel safe and cared for and these two people do that for you.  Between mentally preparing you for the process, making sure that you have all the preliminary medical work done, filling out the questionnaire, you talk to several therapists which was very helpful before the journey and you can pick who you prefer to work with after, on the other side, when you are reborn, like I was.

The most important thing is that you feel supported during your journey, you feel supported after your journey.  There is zero judgment on anything which is super, super important because we are all very vulnerable at this stage.  They also give you the right tools for after care.

Through and through, if I had to do it again, I would do it again with them.   It is an intense journey…but I wouldn’t imagine myself ever doing it with anyone else.  The setting is beautiful, the people are beautiful, they’re caring, they’re loving and they will be missed.

I tried naltrexone for alcohol addiction and when I tried that drug I realized that you can take it before you’re drinking and it minimizes the impact and “happy trigger” but it doesn’t do anything to stop the cravings, it doesn’t do anything to change the way that your brain is thinking.  There is no drug out there that can solve for what creates addiction, and I believe the plant medicine can.  What you do is reset your brain, you deal with your underlying trauma, you continue to deal with your underlying trauma through therapy and you realize the reason why you became an addict.  Prescription medicines, at least none of the ones I found and believe me I looked, do that.

I am sure a lot of addicts feel this way; when you are an addict it is hard to get up in the morning, you can’t really seem to justify taking care of yourself, and after having the ibogaine something changes in that you value the way you are treating your body.  You can see the beauty that your body can create on a deep level, within your brain.  You can see the way that your body is functioning from literally inside and you want to protect it and covet it, and I didn’t before. I would recommend ibogaine for those who like myself can’t stand to live the way they are living for a day longer and know that it is time for a change in their life and have accepted and embraced that change.”  ~A.K,  New York


This testimonial is taken from a post treatment interview with patient H.  For the full interview click HERE

Comments on the medicine:

This medicine teaches you how to find meaning in your own existence and self-worth.  It is so unconventional.  Way different.  The inward looking aspect of it is a big one because a lot of people are so overwhelmed with the external and they lose sight of what is going on inside.  I think when you address what’s inside the external becomes way easier.  It all boils down to caring about myself.  Before I felt like doing those drugs was kind of taking care of me, it was quite a wakeup call to remember how terrible it has been.

I feel a lot more energy.  I feel psychologically and physically younger.  For a while I was feeling old and worn out and beat up and now I don’t.  The future is bright.  I am the architect, the artist of my own universe.

I noticed the changes occurred gradually after the trip.  Right after the trip I felt like I was overwhelmed with the awe of it all and slowly I was able to incorporate those feelings into my daily existence.

Those first couple of days are really crucial days to keep thinking.  I didn’t know why I was all depressed and bummed out and it is still kind of beyond me but something changed.  I still can’t pinpoint it.  It’s not even an idea, words can’t describe it. It’s like you just have to feel that love again.  I used to be able to look at a puddle of mud and see the beauty in it but I lost it, now I have that back.

Comments on the staff and facility:

The facility more than met my expectations.  It was very comfortable.  Super relaxing, it was like a vacation – full service!  I really think it was perfect. Normally I would be anxious to get out and be free and do my own thing but I was totally content just chilling here, that’s a big deal.

The therapist and coach are a good asset, for sure.  The key was being calm, trusting the process, trusting you guys, not being anxious.  The doctors and EMTs were so sweet. I was surprised by how into it (the medicine) the doctor was.  There was no judgment, no questioning.  It was reassuring.
I felt spoiled as hell.  I haven’t had that kind of treatment in a while, if ever.


~~~~Comments From a Rocky Point Recovery Patient’s Mother~~~~

He is so happy, thank you   He’s so full of life! He keeps saying out loud .. I can’t believe how good I feel.  We are doing sooooo well! It’s amazing! We we shopping, he is fixing a cabinet and his step dad sees a difference.  All is good in the hood He’s so excited to help others and get things done.  You people are a miracle   Thank you.  I’m so grateful to have found you. It saved him. He’s so awesome. His eyes are blue again!  His eyes!  I missed them.  Thank you.  We will spread the word in a big way. Let the magic happen.  Thank you for bringing my son home.


~~~~THE OWNER’S SON~~~~                                                                     

After 5 years of heroin abuse and countless failed attempts at getting clean I had lost all hope.  I was 21 and the standard forms of opiate detox were not working for me.  After ten or more attempts at Suboxone treatment and short stays in medical detoxes I had the overwhelming sense that I would never be “normal”. 

It was April of 2013 and everything was gone.  I found myself 400 miles from home, no money, and desperate to get out of my situation.  I called the one person that I knew would help me and that was my mom.  Little did I know she had been waiting for this call and she had been doing her research.   This was the first time I had heard of Ibogaine and from what I heard it was too good to be true.  I started reading about the process and was very skeptical and nervous.  But, I was desperate enough and willing to try anything to turn my life around.

I agreed to the treatment and next thing I know I am in the car on the way to Mexico.  Everything happened so fast but I am glad that it did because it didn’t give me time to talk myself out of anything.  Arriving at the treatment center I was welcomed by 3 very nice gentleman.  After spending some time talking I realized that all 3 of these men were like me at one time and all had been through Ibogaine treatments.  They gave me more information on what to expect and the process of how the treatment works.  Naturally I started getting nervous as I had very little experience with any sort of hallucinogenic and I wasn’t sure on how it was going to affect me.

Right when the withdrawals started kicking in the treatment started and I decided that I was just going to let go and see what happens.   About 45 minutes in, when I started to feel extreme discomfort and anxiety due to the withdrawals I was given a second dose of Ibogaine.  Shortly after I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and I could lay still.  Another few minutes later and my mind had quieted and it was the first time in years that I actually felt relaxed.  As I felt the medicine kicking in I really tried to focus on it.  I figured there was no turning back now so I was along for the ride.  To my surprise there were not a lot of visualizations but there was something happening that is very hard to put into words but I will do my best.  Laying there with a blank mind and a still body I had an overwhelming sense of happiness.  I was smiling so hard that my cheeks were starting to hurt.  I’m not sure what was causing it but today I think it is because I had felt like my old self for the first time in years.

Growing up I was a very smart and happy kid that had a great upbringing.  Somewhere along the line I had lost myself, but with this treatment I finally felt like I had found that little kid again.  As the night went on little images passed of me as a child and my family around me.  I was starting to realize all the things that were missing from my life that are important to me.   About 12 hours in the Ibogaine had started wearing off and I was coming back into the room.  The thoughts started flooding my head so fast that I couldn’t comprehend what they were.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up the next morning like a totally different person.  I hopped right up and had an amazing amount of energy.  I felt like I had never felt before and the strangest thing hit me.  I didn’t need to get high to function.  For years my first thought in the morning was how I was going to get my fix.  This was different.  For the next few days I took a lot of time reflecting on my experience past and present.  It was very relaxed which was different for me.  I left the treatment center feeling like a totally different person.  I arrived home and immediately found joy in life.

To this date I still don’t understand how Ibogaine works or exactly what it did to me but I do know that it had a profound impact on the way that I look at life.   I would catch myself every once in a while and realize that I haven’t had a craving or even thought about getting high for quite some time.  This was new to me because in the past I would constantly be thinking of how I was going to get my next fix and once I had it I would think about how I was going to get more.  I was stuck in a constant loop and I was finally free of that.  I was able to focus on the here and now which brought about a huge sense of relief.  I will forever be grateful for my experience with Ibogaine and what it has done for me.  It has forever changed my life in a way I never thought possible.