What to Expect

What to Expect from Ibogaine Treatment

With respect to Ibogaine treatment, the first phase[1] of the treatment protocol is the time when the psychoactive aspects of the sacred plant exert influence and force over your body and mind.  Protocols are subject to revision and may vary, but it is typical to start the patient with a “test dose” administered by the doctor.  As long as nothing abnormal is observed after the test dose, the doctor will then administer the “flood dose.”  Ibogaine will usually take up to one hour to uptake and the full force psychoactive Ibogaine experience will likely commence about 1-2 hours after the flood dose. 

Most recipients of an Ibogaine flood dose will have intense spiritual and visionary experiences.  Many patients will “go inward” and deal with trauma and unresolved aspects of their lives since a young age.  Visuals and revisiting identity forming life events are often experienced during an Ibogaine flood dose, and these are a normal and necessary aspect of the healing and recovery process.  It is impossible to predict where the Ibogaine journey will take you, some feel a deep sense of calm and peace and a connection to source consciousness.  Part of the journey may involve realms of discomfort and nausea.  Unpleasant aspects of the Ibogaine journey are often key teachers.  Resolve to surrender to the innate intelligence of the sacred plant.  Resolve to healing your spirit and starting a new path.  The Ibogaine treatment will be a unique fork in the road for your life.  Ibogaine will expose every aspect of yourself, including the darkness – and that is okay.  With intent and introspection, your divine essence will return.  Only you can commit to nurturing that essence. 

About 10 hours after your flood dose, the Ibogaine experience will lessen.  You may possibly require a booster dose if you are still experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.  You will likely be physically and emotionally exhausted and have no energy or inclination to get out of bed for another 10 hours.

Somewhere in that 10 hour exhaustion state begins phase two of your journey.  Your experience and emotions will likely run the gamut – you will likely recall your journey and its embedded lessons and you will likely be dealing with many emotional aspects of your life that the plant medicine birthed.  You may trend from tears to elation, to introspection, to confusion and back again.  All normal and all part of the process that started when your addiction overtook your spirit.  This is a time to think thoughts of love and connect with nature.  Allow the mind to be quiet and experience the stillness that has been unobtainable before.  A handwritten journal or video journal of your journey is recommended after returning to coherence.  

Phase 3 of the Ibogaine experience begins after the physical and mental exhaustion taper off and you return to the state of a “non-addict”.   This Phase lasts up to 3 months and the Ibogaine (noribogaine) remains part of your physical make up.  This will likely be a time when you feel strong, renewed, and optimistic about the future.  Yes, there will be much reckoning to do with respect to the choices that you have made, but phase 3 is the opportunity phase to marshal your resources and forge a path to a new life.  Of utmost importance in this phase:

  • Do not return to the old peer and environmental structure that enabled and supported your addictive tendencies
  • Enlist the aid of a therapist
  • Seek support group or sober living accommodation where you can be accountable for your decisions and are less likely to fall toward temptations
  • Nurture your imaginative nature, allow your creativity to flow, continue to connect with nature, ground your feet to the earth,  meditate
  • Start and continue a regular exercise routine, with Yoga being the most ideal and beneficial
  • Maintain a healthy diet.  Years of drug abuse take a toll on the body and it will take time to restore it.  Good nutrition and vitamin supplements will help you feel your physical best

Per The Ibogaine Dossier, “It is essential for addicts to quit smoking tobacco. Nicotine has proven to act on receptors that cocaine and other drugs also affect. Statistics show that 90% of addicts smoke and nicotine can cause craving for other drugs.”  Many Ibogaine treatment patients report vastly reduced craving for alcohol, nicotine, and even sugar.  This is the time to take advantage of the Ibogaine reset.

Phase 4 is where the Ibogaine honeymoon ends.  The noribogaine will likely be fully out of your system and the reality of life will be hitting you.  It is important to think of your limitations and tendencies before they turn into full blown temptations.  The essence of the Ibogaine will never leave you.  It will always be a part of you.  Turn to stillness and mediation before turning to frustration and addictive tendencies.  Turn toward nature and whole foods (fruits, vegetables, high quality grains) before turning toward habits that create dopamine responses such as sugars, fried foods, low quality meats, pornography, gambling, low quality entertainment, and any other low vibrational activity that may compromise your ability to remain strong.  YOU are the united front unto YOURSELF.   May your journey with Ibogaine be fruitful and may the sacred plant spirit forever be your ally.

[1] Created in part from content of Ibogaine Explained by Peter Frank and Eric Taub