Why Choose Us?

Why Choose us?

We understand that you have many options when choosing an Ibogaine treatment provider.  There are many excellent clinics throughout the world.  So, Why Us?   We are firm believers in alternative medicine, ibogaine as an addiction interrupter, and eliminating environmental toxins and negativity.  We have first-hand experience of how addiction can destroy families and lives and how Ibogaine can help repair the damage.  

At Arizona Ibogaine, we keep the price point for Ibogaine treatment low without compromising on the things that matter: 

Your safety – A trained medical doctor will be present to administer your medication and monitor for complications.  An Emergency Medical Technician will be on site during the early stages of treatment and our facility is also only 15 minutes from a hospital.

Your Comfort – Our facility is clean, comfortable, safe, secure, and quiet.  We don’t constantly shuffle patients in and out to maximize revenue.  We are focused, private, and like to make a connection with those that we treat.  Our guests stay in a quiet setting and have a television with Netflix and Amazon Prime.  We have an assortment of movies, a game console, as well as books and board games.  We are steps from the warm water of the Sea of Cortez.   Healthy food and drink options are offered and we can arrange to cater to special dietary or accommodation requests.  

Your Connection – We like our patients to feel at home with us, not like they are in a hospital or some random clinic with no personality.  We are committed to creating a personal connection with our patients and vow to never “churn” patients through the treatment process. Ultimately, successful recovery from drug addiction will be about your commitment to staying clean and changing the patterns that the addiction has revolved around.