Intake Process

The week prior to your treatment, we will send you a list of items that you may bring to keep you comfortable during your stay with Rocky Point Recovery.  You will also receive a list of foods and medications to avoid in the two weeks prior to your treatment.  When you arrive at the facility, you will be shown to your room.  Part of our intake process does involve a search of your belongings.  We do not do this to invade privacy, but to protect your health and safety.  A detoxification dose of Ibogaine is very strong and can result in significant medical trauma if mixed with other drugs and medications.  

After you settle in a bit, we will take you into town to meet the doctor for a few medical tests and an EKG.  We will also perform a urine drug screen.  You will be given a dose of morphine derivative to stabilize any withdrawal symptoms that you may be having.   We will return to our facility where you can settle in and set your intentions for the treatment journey.  You will receive a light meal in the late afternoon and then must fast through the treatment.  In the morning, you will be given some electrolytes.  At this point you will be on your way off to a new life.