Our Detox Program

We offer a medically supervised detox in a quiet and relaxed facility just steps from the beach on the Sea of Cortez.   Safety is our number one priority and not every potential patient will be suitable for the Ibogaine Detox Protocol.  Select medical tests will be required before acceptance as a patient with RPR. Please note that this is a sample detoxification schedule for a 6 night treatment protocol.  Individual itineraries will likely vary based on the timing of medical tests, drug screening, and arrival timing at the facility.

Day 1 – Arrive in Tucson or Phoenix before 12pm (Transportation is free from the Tucson airport). You will be driven to Puerto Penasco where there will be a check in process and we will secure your belongings for your safety.  Medication will be administered to lessen detoxification symptoms.  Patients will be transported to a medical facility to receive medical clearance and pre-treatment testing.   No solid food after 10:00pm

Day 2 – Treatment will begin in the morning with a Dramamine dose that will quell nausea symptoms.  Shortly thereafter, our physician will administer a test dose of the ibogaine PTA to check for potential sensitivity.  After a waiting period of about 60-80 minutes, the flood dose of ibogaine PTA will be administered. 

Day 3 – This is the recovery day.  Most patients will be exhausted from an intense emotional and spiritual experience with little sleep.  The patient can expect to be free of withdrawal symptoms and opioid cravings.  This is a day to relax, rest, and rehydrate.  It is also a good time to reflect on your journey and discuss your experience with one of our therapists.  This is a good day to do an IV vitamin treatment which will help in your physical recovery.

Day 4 – This is the booster and reflection day.  We will administer a small dose of the ibogaine TA that will function as a “tune up” and transition dose to serve as a bridge to newfound sobriety.  The opioid addiction reset will culminate with the booster dose.

Days 5 Relax in our beautiful setting.  Enjoy the beautiful beach, watch movies, read books, and intake healthy nutrients.  This is also a good time to enjoy your complimentary massage. This is a day to get in touch with your spirit and contemplate your life journey.  It is a good day to embark on a path of gratitude, peace, and positivity.  This is also a good day to experience a holotropic breathwork session.

Day 6 – On departure day, you will receive additional resources to help you succeed on your road to recovery.  The opioid detox protocol is the first of many steps to a newly found addiction free life.  The sky is the limit.  You are now in control of the script for your life.  Accept and honor your power and place in the universe.